Private-label clothing

B2B textile specialist De Arend

Importer and wholesaler of nightwear,
underwear and outerwear

De Arend Textiel has over 25 years of experience in the fashion trade: we take care of the production and delivery of quality clothing to promote your company or brand or to resell under your own clothing label.

'For more than a quarter of a century our heart has been with the textile industry'.

Production of clothing items for B2B

Textile wholesaler De Arend is supplier of national and international enterprises and retail. We supply clothing and other textile items, intended for:




By being in the middle of the fashion business for years, we speak from experience: the success formula for an own brand is by offering consumers current clothing of solid quality at an attractive price. Especially in the items that clothing importer De Arend has the most to produce, such as underwear, nightwear and outerwear, a good fit and pleasant fabric are essential. A T-shirt or boxer shorts are basic items that just need to fit well, period.

We stand firmly behind all our products, and we only deliver when we are satisfied together. And of course we take your feedback with us to provide an even better product in the future.

The environment, sustainability and working conditions have our carefull attention during production. In this respect, we also work with the most reliable partners.

badjassen man vrouw kind textiel

'A good price/quality ratio: an important basis for your own clothing line'.

Why de Arend Textiel?

Reliable production chain

Thanks to our many years of cooperation with regular clothing manufacturers in southern Europe and Asia, among others, a fast and continuous delivery of the textile is possible. Because of our good cooperation with these textile factories, we are able to handle both small and large orders.

Because we partly choose for a fixed assortment of quality models, we have these clothing basics in stock in the Netherlands.


over de arend textel textiel en kleding
textiel import private label

Waarom de Arend Textiel?

Clothing importer in the Netherlands

We supply quality products, but it is of course best to be able to judge for yourself. We would therefore like to invite you to our showroom in Soest.

We have many of our textile products in stock, so you can experience the material, fit, color and quality of our products for yourself and we can discuss all possibilities of customizing per clothing item, with all textile basics at hand.





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